About me:

Anton Andreevich

Дроздов Антон Андреевич
  • Date of birth: 26.10.1987
  • Education: 2005-2010 graduate (specialist) of the Russian New University (RosNOU).
  • Faculty: Information Systems and Computer Technologies.
  • Major: Corporate Information Systems (Information System Design)
  • Additional Education: 2010-2015 Doctoral Candidate, Moscow State Regional University (MGOU)
  • Faculty: Social Philosophy



SEO. Optimization and search engine promotion of projects on the Internet. Experience since 2006 with 100+ projects.

  • Experience in getting projects into the TOP 10, TOP 5, and TOP 3 positions in search engine results.
  • Worked with high levels of traffic, including over 25,000 unique visitors on a project and 3 million pages.
  • Proficient in working with PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and satellite websites.
  • Worked with projects from Russia, the CIS, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Search engines include Yandex, Google, Bing.
  • Experienced in promoting various startups from scratch or in the growth stage, utilizing Growth Hacking techniques.
  • Experienced in promoting various startups from scratch or in the growth stage, utilizing Growth Hacking techniques.
  • Expertise in analytics systems like Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, and cross-channel analytics systems like Roistat. Also experienced in using call tracking systems.
  • Proficient in both "white hat" and "black hat" SEO methods, including spam, doorway pages, cloaking, and more.
  • Knowledge of search engine filters and the ability to recover websites from penalties. Understanding of concepts like Silo structures, passages, shingles, and LSI copywriting.
  • Experience in working with Gambling, Betting, and Crypto niches.

Contextual advertising. Experience since 2010. Managed advertising budgets of over 1 million dollars.

  • Worked with small budgets starting from 50,000 and large budgets of 5 million rubles per month.
  • Performed marketing audits, manual competitor analysis, and used tools like Spywords for analysis. In-depth traffic analytics. Created Customer Journey Maps (CJM). Managed terms like ROI, ROMI, ROAS, LTV, CR, CPL, CAC. Knowledge of Unit Economics.
  • Stayed updated with industry trends in the current year. Managed campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Bing Ads.
  • Experience in increasing leads, sales, and overall company profits. Developed promotion strategies and media planning. Worked on UI, UX, and usability projects.

Targeted advertising.Experience since 2014. Managed budgets of over 30 million rubles.

  • Experience in working with both foreign and Russian advertising platforms.
  • Worked with VKontakte, Facebook + Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Audience targeting and segmentation. Familiar with CPC, CPA, CPL ad formats.
  • Experience with teaser networks.
  • Proficient in the CPA market. Knowledge of concepts like cloaking, farming, and more. Traffic arbitrage experience since 2016.

SERM and ORM.Experience since 2013. Worked with individuals from Forbes list as well as corporations.

  • Reputation management for companies in Russia and worldwide. Working with Yandex.Maps and Google MyBusiness.
  • In-depth reputation and review analytics in search engines. Managing and mitigating negative content.
  • Experience in populating search engine results with links from at least 5 relevant websites for specific queries.
  • Writing articles in the media and promoting them in search results to enhance the reputation of companies or individuals.

SMM, PR, social media and media seeding.Experience since 2016. Published articles in the media worldwide, from the USA to Saudi Arabia.

  • Experience in managing various online communities. Administering Instagram, Facebook, and VKontakte groups.
  • Purchasing advertisements from influencers.
  • Publishing in the media for both companies and individuals.
  • PR and image creation.

Management.Experience since 2006. Managed remote teams of various specialists.

  • Experience in managing teams of various specialists remotely, ranging from 10 to 50 individuals.
  • Experience in creating projects of any complexity from scratch, acting as a Project Manager.
  • Project administration using various CMS platforms (WordPress, Modx, Joomla, Drupal). Worked with custom systems and frameworks like Laravel and Yii.
  • Worked with small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, and startups.
  • Experience in promoting and managing franchise networks.